just been battling with master of puppets being played all with downstrokes for the last hour or so, and im getting close to full speed

it got me thinking would their be any benefit in practicing some chromatic runs using only upstrokes? because i can tell when i alternate pick my downward pick motion is always more controlled then the upstroke. do u think practicing with some strict upstroke picking, it would help carry over to my alternate picking?
i good song for strengthening upstrokes is "rebel, rebel" by david bowie.
as a metalluca fan, you might not be interested in the song but it is actually a really nice riff
Yeah, definitely try to get a better grip with those up strokes. Things you might want to look out for: Tone(must be as clean and clear as the down strokes)power(you don't need to beat the shit out of your strings, but a strong down stroke and a flimsy upstroke will accent the wrong notes and won't sound as good), evenness(it's all in being even, each stroke must fall into it's place on the beat, and if your upstrokes are lacking, they'll soon be lagging...that was quite bad, sorry ). Finally, you want to get some confidence. Feel that you can play just as well up than down. Yes, I know that technically, it's probably quite hard to to the wrist's natural motion and all that jazz, but it's important.