Okay here's my problem:

I have artwork for all my albums in itunes.

When you just have artwork assigned to one song in the album, it will show in the artwork box for that album.

I have a bunch of albums where the artwork is only assigned to one song. Now, when I use a third party application that uses itunes artwork, it won't show the artwork for the songs to which artwork is not asigned.

Is there a way to take the album artwork and assign it to each individual track within the album?
select all the tracks in the album, hit info, go to art work, click the artwork, and then hit apply or okay or something like that, if I recall
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No, what you do is, select the entire album, right-click, choose "Get Info," then paste the artwork into the white box. Then click the OK or apply button, and the artwork will be applied to the whole album.
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in itunes go: view - show artwork
then highlight all the songs in an album
then find the artwork and click and drag it in there
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I would have to find all the artwork on the internet again in order for those suggestions to work.

The artwork files in the itunes folder are not labelled at all, so using those won't work either.
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