Right now I play through a Marshall AVT-150H with a Peavey Supreme 4x12 cab. I like it but i really want a tube sound. So I am looking to get a new amp head. I play everything from blues to rock to funk to metal so i need a very versitile head.
Some of the ones i was looking at were the
Krank Krankenstein
Krank Revolution
Hughes And Kettner Switchblade
Hughes And Kettner Warp X
Peavey 6505 plus
Peavey JSX
Soldano Avenger
Mesa Boogie Dual or Triple Rectifier (not sure on difference)
Mesa Boogie Mark IV
Marshall JVM-410H
Marshall Vintage Modern

The problem is my local music store only has the Peavey's and the Marshall JVM-410H.
I'm in a Metal/Rock band so i'm looking for something with high gain distortion. I have some pedals that can get good blues sounds so i'm more worried with high gain distortion channel and crisp cleans for metal and rock. Any help or other suggestions would be much appreciated. And maybe if someone with experience on the Krank's, Hughes and Kettners, Soldano or Mesa Boogies could tell me anything about them that would help to.
The Switchblade should be worth a look, as it has modeling technology, this making it versatile. Unfortunately I never played one.
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kranks are only good for metal, they are good amps though, ive heard the jvm can get just about any sound but ive never played one, mesas stiletto series are amazing, ive played a few of them and you can get about any sound out of them, try one of those out if you get the chance
the JSX is probably my favorite amp ever made, or the Krankenstein. if you're going for versatility though, go JSX.
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JSX! So much versatility and it doesnt have to sound like every rock band out there right now. the mark IV is great too, but its more of the typical rock sound, but very good if thats what you want. its harder to get a really high gain sound out of it though
id go with the vintage modern, i have one and our other guitarist has a switchblade and the crunch is way better on the marshall imo
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JSX, and then you should have money left over for a nicer cab too.
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Mark IV can get you any tone you ever wanted, but beware, it takes some time to dial in a good sound out of it - it's not a simple amp to use, but well worth it in the end.
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Since you're looking into Hughes and Kettner and evidently have the budget for some of their tube heads, look into the Trilogy. It's much more versatile than everything you listed (exceptions being the JVM and Mark IV where they're about equal) and isn't terribly on the wallet (considering the listed options). For the "tube sound" you may want to look farther than the Switchblade as it boasts an all tube power amp section but a decidedly solid state preamp (similar to your AVT but with modeling capabilities).

I'll be the first in line to preach the gospel of how great Soldano amps are (I use a Decatone), but the Avenger is not what I'd call versatile to the point that your post implies you need.

The Mesa Mark IV and Marshall JVM are also worth looking at as they will handle quite the variety of sounds with respect to how they're supposed to sound (the Marshall sounds like a Marshall, the Mesa sounds like a Mesa).

Given the required level of versatility, I'd eliminate the Kranks, the Warp X, the 6505, the Mesa Recs, and the Vintage Modern altogether.

I wasn't impressed with the JSX on the occasions I had to mess with one so I won't give it a recommendation, but don't eliminate it until you try one as you never know.
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