Hey guys, I'm looking into getting a Gibson Flying V soon, as I like the tone of them, and come on, they look sweet. I'm between either the limited edition carbon fiber pickguard one, and a standard Black one, as I defintely want one in black.

Anyway, my main question is, do you absolutely have to play them classical style even if you have a strap on and you're sitting down, and secondly, how does playing classic style affect your playing? I've been trying it with my Strat to get the idea, and it feels good, but I have a feeling it could affect posture somehow, or make it harder to reach high frets when standing up, because they are easier to access playing classical and therefore would almost train your muscles to get used to them closer?

Anyway, thats kind of a lot of stuff, but hopefully you guys will read through that and help me out. Thanks in advance.
just play standing up more... or play both equally.
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you can play both ways sitting down but, the way I like is harder.

when you stand up, it's different than playing "classical" it's towards the middle more.

it isn't a big deal, you'll get used to it. V's rock.
i love V's for classical position. its very comfortable and easy to shred it up on the higher notes. i wish i could find a 7 string V for that particular purpose.
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theres nothing better for neo classical shred than a First Act guitar. The necks are specially designed to allow even beginners to execute 1/64 notes easily. go with a First Act man
i played a v once, it's a bit ankward at the beggining but you can get used to it easily, it's funny when you think you're playing the 7th fret and you're actually playing the 9th fret

also, i played a $2000 gibson flying v with a one piece body and crecent moon inlays, yes, i'm a lucky guy