hey guys,i was wondering,if u had to rate the whole song of nothing else matters by metallica(not just the solo) would it be beginner,intermediate or experienced??
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+1 , but more on the beginner side
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the basics are beginner, to do it properly is intermediate. in most of the amateur recordings i've seen, people screw up the bends in the solo.
It's funny how most people consider the song easy or a beginners song, when 95% of the uploads on the web of that same song are so crappy played and half the people **** up the bends so badly it sounds like a donkey.

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what is a solo?
I'm sure it depends on if you finger pick it or not.
And yes, videos of the song...Blow.
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beginner.i ntermediate to master the techinques (if your a beginner) it helped my finger picking a bit.helped me learn some basic chord forms.
begginer, didnt really help me to learn a thing, but i recognise hetfield was a genious

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the basics are beginner, to do it properly is intermediate. in most of the amateur recordings i've seen, people screw up the bends in the solo.

Fingerpicking isn't necessarily a beginner technique either
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While we're on this topic, is the song in standard tuning, or is it dropped a semitone? My ear training isn't up to par, so I have difficulty making the difference.
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It's definitely an intermediate song, beginner is stuff like the rhythm to CCR songs. It's easy to learn the notes you're supposed to play in Nothing Else Matters, but it's pretty hard to actually play it PROPERLY.
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In order to get it to sound properly, you would need to be on an intermediate level. It's definitely not for beginners. When I started guitar, this was one of the first songs I learned, and getting the notes to sound correctly was a problem for a while.
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