ok i let my old ladys drunk ass boyfriend borrow my 50th ann. fender stat... yes.. the ugly gold thing.. he did a few things that i know of that just pissed me off.. tweeked it back to the way i had it but.... i have this horrible hum kinda vibration.... like... no sustain it (when u play ANY note) it has a weird hum in the note with a vibrato.. and its not like i have dirty strings.... i did when i got the guitar back it like he went diging in his ass before he played the thing or somthing.... besides he plays to vagina strings (9's) and "my 9's" are 11's..... (guess i play on 12's and 13's dethmetal i actually just went back down to 11's neither here nor theyre) but yea... anyone had this problem before..... ive never heard nothing like it before... i actually dont think he ****ed with the pick ups after i lowerd them to reduce feedback i made a tiny mark (ud have to be me to see) and im confident he dint **** with them... who knows.. maybe you do.
haha.. vagina strings
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yea im a idiot and i forgot to say i set her up for 11's(and has 11's on her) hi play out of two guitars i got a cutsom build axe its like a fender head a jackson ibanez esp generic body, lock in heads. and shes my 12 guages baby, i the fender is my sexy blues jazz guitar ... shes got 11's on her now. elixers. i ****ed with my pickup hight last night before i crashed n burned... it kinda helped.... but still.. i lowerd them back ..... i hope people learn somthing from this... DONT LET PEOPLE BORROW GUITARS EVEN IF THEY'VE PLAYD LONGER THAN UVE BEEN ALIVE and i talked to the tech guy down here at "my store" ...

Edit: if i were to put lower strings on i have a rule of thub for the tension... 13's no higher than standard B.. 12's no higher than C standard.. and 11's no higher than D... Eb if theyre warm. if i play somthing in standard (e) well i can just go up the neck.. and if theyres a open i can figure it out.
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do a set up on it? or get a guitar teck at ur music store to do one..does wonders and will fix all ur problems because it may be a combination of a few things
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