He uses a vinatge Sunn 300T Head, Spector 5 string basses, or maybe Shecter? I know he recently changed what bass he uses. I know he uses an 8x10 but I'm not sure which, I would assume it's Ampeg.
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He plays a Spector 5 string I believe.

I saw an article on their gear set up in Alternative Press a year or so ago. I still have the mag but I cut the article out and gave it to my friend who's also a BTBAM nut. He may use a Mesa cab, but I'm not 100% on that, I read it when I was just getting into bass gear.
Damn, he was profiled in the Jan 2006 edition of Bass Guitar magazine, but I don't have it on me. I do know that he uses 5-string Spector basses tuned to C#.
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From the Jan 2006 edition of Bass Guitar Magazine:

Bass: Spector NS-5XL 5-strin
Amp: Sunn 300T head, Ampeg 8x10 cabinet
Effects: DOD Bass Overdrive (used live), Ibanez AD9 analog delay, Boss RV-5 reverb
Strings: D'Addario EXL 160-5 nickelwounds
now he uses a Schecter Stilletto deluxe 5-string, I think it's black. but his spector is waaay more badass!
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I actually love "Alaska". they're all very good musicians, but I cant get into any band with that kinda vocals.

he uses C#? I never would've expected.
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