so, im going to begin a music course and i have to choose between learning how to use Pro Tools or learning to use MIDI.

What's better or at least which one can give me a better idea of how to work better in a recording studio?
(as it is something i would want to do in the future)
Protools for live instruments: Midi if you are into sampling and electronic genres - or even classical composing.
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I would say MIDI, as it's used in almost all production programs.

But like the dude above said, you'd probably be better off with the ProTools route if you are doing mostly, or all live instruments.
If the person teaching the ProTools course is any good he'll cover how to work MIDI in ProTools which is a pain in the ass and will make dealing with MIDI in any other sequencing application easy as pie. And ProTools is what you're most likely to come across in professional studios.
ok thanks guys i think im going for the Pro Tools course as im sure it will help me more and ill see some of MIDI in there