Poll: Should I make a Zombie CYOA?
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9 56%
2 13%
I would gladly give you my firstborn child to create a new CYOA.
5 31%
Voters: 16.
I just a lot of freetime cleared up, and for those of you who remember, I had previously employed my freetime with a series of improvised stories, based upon YOUR decisions. Remember those books you read as a kid, where you got to choose which door to go through (but you little pricks always read from the back of the book forward... cheaters, I know you did it), and you ultimately died repeatedly.

Same thing, except I make up the story as we go. By popular demand, I'd be making this one a Zombie based tale. I just wanna get an early demographic on the number of participants.

Should I start it up again?
hey thats a great idea, is it going to be as long as the R.L. Stine ones? or is it going to be like maybe 12 CYOA events? seeing as how the R.L. S ones seem to have a lot of them.
Those are some of my favorite books even now as im 15 ^_^ l/,,
You can delete your own post, you know. Go to edit.

And it sounds like a cool idea. Lots of people will be interested in the zombie thing.