All Caps by Madvillain has been stuck in my head all day.

That ones pretty good.
Spastic Ink
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Lots of 'em.

My favorite rap song ever is Gin and Juice.

Not my favorite, but I <3 that song.
<Han> I love Hitler
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Mike Jones. a lot of his songs are good

**** mike jones , worst rapper in a long time

WHO? Mike Jones

Listen to some Dre , Easy-E , NWA , Eminem is pretty damn good IMO.
The Next Episode, Ain't Nuthin' but a G thang, Still D.R.E all by the dre
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I like to play this game where I'll see how many times I can look at a particular chicks ass or tits until I get caught.

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Fat chicks are different. They don't count, they aren't women.

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