okay is this song (Down Below) really by Pantera?
when you first listen and hear the voice you might think its by Judas Priest, but as you pay more attention to the guitar works, you'd notice it's NOTHING like JP but its almost EVERYTHING like Dimebag's style.

so tell me, is this song really by Pantera? seeing as how the guitar works match up perfectly to that of Dimebag, or is it just an imitation of his styles?

The song is f**king great, but i'd like to know this, because even my diehard Pantera fan friend isn't sure if its by them or not, but has the same thinking on it as i do.


oh yeah, dont link me to a Pantera ONLY thread please, because this is just something that id like to know about a single song and couldn't think of anywhere else to to put this topic.

thank you for any help you give!
Do a search on their discography, check their albums for it.
Then check Judas Priests'.
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yes it is it's on the album Power Metal released in 1988 before Cowboys From Hell they were a glam metal band and it was before they had Phil as a singer so that why it sound different.
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