Search came up with nothing, so I decided to make this thread myself.

I realized that there are alot of UG'ers that get along well who wouldn't mind meeting for real and jamming.

so, ive decided to start this JWAU thread - Jam With A UG'er.

it's simple, if you think this sounds cool and would like to go have a jam session at a fellow UG'er's house, then reply with a post of what Country/City/State/Zip code
and if you match a UG'er at least down to the City/State, and want to jam, well you'll know what to do from there!

(I just got this idea from SchecterFreak )

I personally would love to jam with a UG'er and maybe learn a thing or two from them (I have zero musical theory knowledge so I KNOW someone would be able to teach at least me something hehe :p

Actual planning of the jam session(s) would be done via PM and participation of this would be done around proper supervision.
However unlikely, there is the slight chance that perhaps there might actually be a pedofile or a rapist that might exploit this, but thats why you take precautions.
Now, im not afraid of being raped for several reasons, so I don't mind this, in fact, i'd love to meet with a UG'er just to play guitar/bass and trade off knowledge and stuff because I really enjoy the UG community and jamming with friends, but my friends are all inferior to me at guitar except for one, who can't teach me anything that I don't know

I'll add more to this if anyone else has any precautions they think necessary to take,
but I honestly find that a UG'er being a serious f**ked up case is slim to none (f-ed up like pedofile or rapist)
I just use this to see who wouldn't mind seeing another UG regular and bustin' some
awesome riffs with your fellow guitarist/bassist/whatever

Well I'll start:

Henderson- MrDURPEEDURP (zip 89074)
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....this is a bad idea...
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Quote by ninja dude
....this is a bad idea...

It's been done before.
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BWAHAHAHAHA! This makes my job of raping... um... I mean “meeting” other UGers much easier!

okay post your info then and ill add it and maybe a "lucky" UG'er will get to "jam" with you

but in all seriousness, NOBODY is in the slightest bit interested with jamming in real life with a fellow UG'er that shares the same interests?

funny, because this sounds like A LOT more fun then calling a UG'er and leaving them a message instead, yet there were like 200 peoples' phone numbers added.
haha the shame.....

and another note, this could also lead to the forming of a possible band....
now bands are always fun ^_^
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this makes things creepy, if you were planning to do a meet up to play together at least do it via PMs. doing it this way encourages pedos + rapists to lurk and steal your info.
i could hardly imagine a pedo/rapist using UG as a means to contact people to f**k them.
that's a really stupid idea.
besides i wouldn't really like the idea of huge age gaps anyway, because a teen boy, doesn't rape other boys.
and i could assume that MOST of UG is made up of teenagers.
besides, actually setting up your jam session would be done via PM'ing, ill add that to the original post.
im tenage but not a boy, im a man!.. im 19.... and i loves me them 15 year olds.

lol j/k
(I'm not gay)