Hey guys,

this vid documents my development with the guitar from my first attempt to play Smoke On The Water ( of course with the wrong notes xD ) to the Creeping Death Solo and everything in between.

So here it is, my first year of playing guitar:


Greets From Germany,

( For all the impatient people, here is only the Creeping Death Solo
damn dude, thats kinda shocking to see u improve so fast in so little time. How many hours a day were u practising???
Good job!
Much better than I was after one year. Nice idea for a video, too.

Also, try looking into playing more than just Metallica songs.
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Wow... You go 3 times as fast as i do, i play for 3 years now and i cant do that.. well i never was really into metallica but i know i wouldnt be able to do that xD

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the more rocking u got the longer your hair got, coincidence? i think not!

man iv been playin over a year and i still struggle with the first song u played there
great job man. I probably couldn't even attempt that solo at half that speed.
creeping death is the hardest metallica solo?

nicely done still
wicked, that sh*t was intense. after a year i sucked major donkey c*ck compared to what you've done in a year
ive been playing about 3 months more than you but yeah i could play that stuff and more when i had played guitar that long but that was because i played alot, like 4-5 hours or more a day when i could and i kept pushing from metallica to trivium to yngwie and necrophagist and stuff,

i think its down to just mainly what music you are into, if you started to get into death metal now and technical death metal at that youll see yourself improve another ****load because your constantly pushing yourself, also i dunno if you have, but get stuck into theory because as most guitarists will tell you sure you can memorise a solo and youve got teh technique there but you'll need to be able to improvise and write your own stuff so thats whatll really make you a better player

congrats anyways man.