Ugh... I just blew off a homework assignment for 2 hours to masturbate, browse UG, eat some noodles, and masturbate again. I finally compromised and decided that, instead of doing the homework, I'd make a post about not doing the homework and call it a night.

Does anyone else find it hard to do homework when you know you can do it later? I'm probably going to end up doing this 2nd period (its due 3rd) but I hate cutting it so close. Every day feels like an episode of 24...
Stop watching 24 then
Keifer is motivating you to cut it to close to the deadline
and besides
he has a DUI now

tsk tsk

you need a good role model
like Meths
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Dude, your hair owns.
Have a pie.


Seriously though, its better to do it sooner than later, don't make my mistakes.
Yeah I do that "meh ill do it later" thing as well...

Its quite stupid but I continue to do it
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i hope you washed your hands before eating the noodles

I agree. Unless you had a posh mans, cum isn't something that should be anywhere near your mouth. (considering your a guy).
Procrastination kills doesn't it? I lived the same way throughout high school. I was always doing my work inside the last 15 minutes of the class before it was due. Terrible idea. I was a C student though so whatever.