Ok so i havent written in such a long time, but here is something i am working on.. its not long, its just like the first verse of something.. just lookin for some crits, post a link an i will get back to yours as well... any input would help... peace out...


Fallen, broken, shaken, snapped.
Here’s your high cant give it back.
Searching for it, but when its found,
you wont want it, cant turn it round.
Smiling faces, sweating brow,
stealing money, fingers brown.
Belting up, you see this bruise,
Is this me? How can I loose?
I found my saviour from this life
But it will be the end of mine
haha ya make me laugh, i will have to change it if they are the only alternatives.. hehe, nah i was alluding to drugs - so like stained fingers and ****...