Hello all, the thing is that I have my fretless bass, and it's got markers. I wanted one without markes, but i got this used at a really good price a few years back.

For those of you who does not know what markers is: =)

Okay so I want to get a total clean fretboard, without markers. The ultimate would be a black fretboard, ebony style.

What are my options? I have heard of people using leather dye to foax ebony, does this stain your fingers when you play?

And for those who who say that removing my markers will affect my ability to play, it's no problem. I also play the double bass. =)
I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.
Im sorry, ive got to say this.....

Why does such a SMALL thing bother that much? the markers are on the side of the neck and nobody but you can see them? Or am I just completely being stupid?
The fret markers , not the dots. The fret markers are where the frets should have been, the lighter lines across the fretboard.
I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.
Ahh, I see, I didnt fully read it properly. In which case I retract my statement from above.

Search a little bit on the net about using the leather dye, im not sure if that would work completely or not, or whether it would come of after prolonged use (with sweat etc)

I have heard of people dye-ing the fretboard though, im sure it can be done, and if it does wear after awhile you just may have to keep dye-ing it, or dye it then put a finish over it.