Please dont lock this thread. I havnt seen another thread the same as this one!!!

Description of the name
Type of music (this would help your rating)
Why you like this band name

Then the rater would give a reason why they did(nt) like the name (if they want) and then rate it.

Ill start.

Descrip: Kind of got the idea from guns n roses. Means back up what you believe in.
Type of Music: Rock
Why i like it: Its a cool name in my opinion and it'd be great for classic rock like Guns n Roses and Def Leppard style of music. Even Nu Metal and stuff like 30 seconds to mars and things like that. Basically it fits any kind of rock.

Also after you rate, you could make a band name and have someone rate it. Just make sure you rate the above poster. You dont have to go in detail if you dont want to, but it makes things more fun in you do.

+ this thread could be used for Ideas if anyone needs a band name.
We have a band name thread. It's up there at the top. There's even a thread exactly like this one that isn't at the top. Who'da thunk it eh?

Next thread like this and it's a ban.
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