Im looking into multi effect pedals but i can't decide which one to get.
Digitech RP-350 or 250
Boss Me-50 or Me-20
are the ones i have narrowed it down to. They are all within my price range.
This will be my first pedal so im not really sure what to expect. I am just looking for a good allround pedal.
what do you guys think would be the best choice?
Does the fact that the digitechs have amp modelling hold any warrant or is it not really all that good?
Any help would be appreciated.
Also the Line 6 POD and the Line 6 FLoor POD look good what is your opinion on those?
Does anyone know if the Me-50/Me-20 can plug into the computer?
And if you can stack effects on the digitech?
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can u afford a boss gt8?

well alot more people would say that boss is worth the money becuase of how strong it is

but seriously i would totally recommend actually playing the items first and then buy what u like.

if ur buying online read faqs,forums,product reviews (video or audio or text)
umm i didnt really want to spend as much as the gt8 costs, so no i dont suppose i can afford it.
i've had a look into some zoom effect pedals and the gfx-5 look pretty good.
But can it connect to the computer, i would really like usb connectivity or something similar so that i could record things to my computer etc, thats why i was pretty keen on the rp350 however im note sure if it will be as robust in terms of effects, compared to the me50. though i am pretty certain the me50 cannot connect to the computer.
anyone got any idea?