So I have been listening to alot of the Loaf recently particular his Bat Out Of Hell albums, IMO Jim Steinman's songs though cheesy at times are brillant. Any fans here?
Yeah I like me some MeatLoaf on occasion. My Dad used to play them to me when I was like 3 or 4 years old, so some of those songs are permanently implanted in my brain. It's the music I was raised on.

Personally, my favourites by MeatLoaf are "For Crying Out Loud" and "Bat Out Of Hell".

Sometimes the songs are cheesy, but if you think about it, they all sound like they are from a musical theatre show. Its kind of Rock Opera. That's just how Steinman writes songs. Personally I think it's brilliant.
I Wish for this Night Time
to Last for a Lifetime
The Darkness Around Me
Shores of a Solar Sea
Oh How I Wish to go Down with the Sun
Sleeping, Weeping, With You...

Sleeping Sun - Nightwish

^^ Exactly I would kill to be able to write songs like that, his songs really standout among most of 3 minute stuff around.
I like the song where Steve Vai plays the solo. In the Land of the Pigs I think...
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yeah, jim steinman is a great writer, meatloaf is a good singer. if ur not bothered about cheese (and im not) you could do a lt worse than purchase a meat album

Quite a pianist as well...
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I've meatloaf ever since I was a child. Forced to listen to the same songs over on long car rides... My hate has re-kindled ever since I've seen these bat out of hell commercials or whatever trying to sell concert tickets.