I'm hoping to buy a Presonus Firepod (a recording interface) when I'm in the US in a few weeks. The problem is that I live in Switzerland, where the voltage is 230 V, whereas the voltage in the US is 120 V (I think).

If I plug in the Firepod in Switzerland will the whole think explode/break/not work?

If so, is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Thanks in advance everyone!

EDIT: I can't buy it in Switzerland because gear is way more expensive here.
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If the interface has a "universal power-supply" like a computer, chances are that you can connect it to the 230V, provided you use the correct converter between the north-american plug and the Switzerland's. Check the datasheet or the instruction manual just to make sure.

If the power-supply is the fixed input type, go to an electronics surplus store and get a 120 to 230 V transformer whose Volt-Ampere (VA) capacity is slightly more than your recording interface power consumption (you can find this on the nameplate/sticker). For example, you can use a 50 VA transformer to power a 40-Watts appliance with no problem at all.

Hope that helps !

And before someone talks about it, I would not think that the different frequency of the mains can be a problem, because as far as I am concerned, audio equipment rectify AC and filter the DC. A 10-Hz difference will go unnoticed.
That helps a lot, thanks!

Unforunately i found this in the manual:

Q: I just bought a FIREPOD from (dealer name goes here) in (city and state go here) and I live in Morocco. When I plugged in my FIREPOD it caught on fire and smoke came out of the top. What do I do?
A: PreSonus has a distributor in almost every country. Therefore, PreSonus does not authorize or condone exportation of any of our products by US dealers. If you have done this and your product has been damaged (more than likely due to voltage irregularities) then you will need to return the unit to the dealer in the United States. The dealer can then return it to PreSonus for a non-warranty repair. After the unit is repaired, the dealer will be billed accordingly and the unit will be returned to the dealer.

I guess I'll need that transformer then.

Thanks again!
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