Hi all

Still of a bit of a newbie to all this so bear with me if Im being retarded

Right, I have a PRS Tremonti SE, totally standard except with heavier gauge strings. Plays fine, except that when its plugged in to the amp and not being played, theres a slight hiss/feedback comes from the amp. It goes away if I touch the guitar lead jack cases, or rest my hand on the bridge of the guitar. Is this normal? Its not very loud, but its damn annoying.

Seems to do it with the amp just quiet or loud, and does it with both a Line 6 Spider and the Peavey Bandit I have.

Could it be down to the cheap guitar lead im using? Its a soundlab long thing that was about £3 LOL

Thanks in advance
Get a new lead, I reccommend planet waves. A lead is like any other peice of musical equipment and theres no point in being cheap for it as it will effect your tone. If that doesnt help then it may be due to a bad jack connection (correct me if I'm wrong, it's been awhile since I've had to do anything to or even open up a guitar) in which case you should tighten it up, loosen it a little...just play with the jack, if that doesnt help, just take it in to a shop.
Might be your electric service. Are you sure it's grounded?
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Might be your electric service. Are you sure it's grounded?

a widdly what what?

LOL not sure what you mean dude! could you explain?
My guitar does that too. I got a Fender Strat and souped it up and every time i take my hand off the strings the amp buzzes. My guitar instructor told me to check the ground wire for the pickups. i hope this might help.