I've heard there are some alternatives to attenuators, but information on that topic is sparse and I don't know anything about electronics. So does anybody know good alternatives or are there really any useful ones?

I was looking into this: http://www.webervst.com/lpad.htm and it seems to be a great solution. Well the downside would be that you'd have to take it out for playing gigs, but depending on the work involved it might be worth it.

And I'm only looking for a better "bedroom" sound anyway. I'll study 120km from home and wil be coming home only at weekends, where I'll use my 130W amp. I know tubes wear out faster but for once a weekend it seems worth it. I can play basically as loud as I want to at home, at least up to 10pm. The only thing that limits my volume is my ears.

So are there any cheaper, better solutions than an attenuator? Like the link above? It seems great, but as I stated earlier I know **** about electronics. I'd have someone to do it for me though.
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What amp are you using?

I'm not familiar with the attenuator you linked to, and the link didn't help. I know Weber makes a quality, inexpensive attenuator, that doesn't take a degree to hook up. Just plugs in between your head and cab, and you dial in the attenuation you're looking for.

I'm not a big fan of attenuators for home practice, though, as I tend to believe that they lead you to beat up on your amp unnecessarily. A good OD pedal and the master volume should be able to get you decent enough tone. Or maybe spend that attenuator money on a 5-15W combo just for practice.
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The problem is that I live in Germany and there aren't really any attenuators besides the Hotplate. I couldn't find anything else with google
You could look into THD Yellowjackets, don't know much about them apart from you put them in your amp where the tubes go and it reduces the wattage of your amp. They might suck tone a bit though.

Best option is overdrive + MV like slats said.
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Yea I would recommend getting an amp for practice, like say a Roland Microcube.
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Why would I want a practice amp??? My amp sounds great. I'd just like to use it to its full potential!
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Why would I want a practice amp??? My amp sounds great. I'd just like to use it to its full potential!

I've posted about this numerous times, but I'll say it again. You can get a load box w/ a line out feature("dummy load") to act as your speaker load, & run the line out to a separate power amp. The power amp will drive your cab. You can run the guitar amp as wide open as you like, & the line out converts that killer tone to a line-level (guitar level) signal to go into the power amp. The power amp regulates overall volume & sounds almost exactly the same from bedroom level to stadium level.
Even better if your amp has its own dedicated line out. Unfortunately, my Hot Plate's line out seems to suck a bit of tone, but my Palmer PDI 03 has a very minimal amount of tone loss, so I use that mostly (but it costs $550.00 US, possibly cheaper in Europe, because I think they're actually made in Germany).
I can play as loud as I want most of the time, but like slats said above, you're beating up your amp running it cranked all the time. I only use the load box/power amp setup a few hours a week at most. Otherwise I just use a Rat.
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or you could just use an attenuator! weber will ship worldwise, and their mass attenuators are amazing. way cheaper, more versatile, and better sounding than hotplates. but if u are against using an attenuator then i dunno....
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