i want to transpose a solo (in aminor ) which starts on the 6th string 3rd fret to f#. ive been told i just move down 9 frets to 12th fret but isnt this in the key of e then?????
Well first of all, that would be moving it UP 9 frets, not down, and second of all, no, that isn't the key of E, it is F#. Just because the note you're playing is E doesn't make E the key: in your original solo, you're starting off on a G, which is the flat 7th in the key of A. So to transpose to F#, you need to your starting note to be the equivalent tone (flat 7th) in the key of F#. This being E, your starting note could be played on the 6th string at the 12th fret. Done.
sorry i meant UP 9 frets . thanks for explanation, that makes it bit clearer.
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Wouldn't it be the 14th fret then?

that'll be G#.

if you begin in G (wich is the dominant seventh of A) and you want to change it to F# then you just play E (the dominant seventh of F#) which is the 6th string in the 12th fret