does anyone remember the SNES game with that little man who could throw his arms and legs as bumerang weapons??

what was is called?
yeah its rayman, best classic snes (super famicon) game ever .. zombies ate my neighbors. it has every classic early horror monster with a classic 80s theme to the game... i have ever Snes game on a zip drive but its mia.. i still have zombies ate my neighbors a few good arcade games and Seiken densetsu 3 (secret of mana 2 for us in the US) ... ask me and i might send u the Emulator and Roms.. and if i find my zip (i was lookin for it anyways..) i have rayman
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Rayman couldn't throw his legs!

Oh yeah, you're right. And I've checked on the net, there wasn't any game with Rayman on SNES, so it must be something different.
i can we say... bull.. u know how many games that wernt released in americia... and for the sake im wrong.... bionic commando... (snes and nes) Megaman (highly dout ud forget who he is) odd are bionic commando
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Vectorman? or was that only Sega?

That was a megadrive only
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Bionic Commando never threw his limbs, he just had that retractable arm thing. He shot guns other then that.
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Seiken densetsu 3 (secret of mana 2 for us in the US) .


Secret of mana 2?!? Why did noone inform me? I thought secret of evermore was the ****ty rip off!!! Need it now!!!
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