How do I prevent open strings from ringing when I'm bending. It seems impossible to avoid.

When I bend a note on the high E string, the open G will ring. When I bend a note on the A string, the open D will ring.

How do I stop this?
I use my index finger as Eminored suggests for muting adjacent strings when doing vibrato, but I've never tried it on bends, I find it easier to mute adjacent strings with my right hand for bending.

For example, when you bend on the high E string, right after you pick the string (I'm assuming you hold the pick between your right hand thumb and index fingers) lightly touch or even grab the B string with your right hand middle finger which is free at the moment. You could also stick your middle finger between both the B string and the G string and it would keep both strings from ringing from your E string bend.

Try both techniques and see which one works best for you, you could even mix both of them and do a left and right hand muting at the same time.
Wow I didn't realise guitarists "cheat" like that. lol

Whenever I try to learn something I try and do it the 100% legitimate kosher way. I should see whatever tricks I can use.
I dampen or mute strings with rhythm hand on bridge...then if i want the G string to sound out I just take a bit of pressure of that G string area however Im still slightly damening the G string and all the other strings unless I want a string or all strings to to ring out then I slide rhythm hand back a bit and dont touch the strings at all...basically you mute strings at the bridge.
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