so i recently got 2 speakers out of my marshll jcm 900 1960 lead cab replaced with v-30's (done by a profession at the local music store). But when i got it home it sounded really thin and muffily at high volumes. I took it back and told them that and they took the back off the cab and the guy who was working there said there was a "Phase" problem and switch 2 of the wires? but he didnt seem very confident in what he was doing. Does anyone know how it should be wired up? any diagrams?

the cab sounds better now but i wanna make sure its running at 100% thanks
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here, this should help, http://www.usspeaker.com/homepage.htm . the phase problem you might be having is just that the "tech" hooked up a positive or negative in the wrong spot. really all you would have to do is switch the wires around, but you might need those schematics to figure out how your cab is wired, and which one is wrong.