What up? This is pretty much my first post and i wanna known what you people think about my lyrics. This song i wrote about two years ago but i really like it so i had to post it.

"Languishing lapdog/langurous laptop
he´s just an air-supplier/ grey multiplier
the word useless
Mystical madness/mythical mistress
integrity worn off/psyche starts to cough
waiting for nothing

Reflect this passion away/so the soul can stray/leave it today.

Humility hunt/hibernation haunts
penitence grows endless/flourishing on the surface
not a sculptured pilgrim
Comatose colony/compelling community
fishbone in denial/goblet for the child
intoxicate it please!

Reflect this passion away/so the soul can stray/leave it today.

Sugar-coated armor, it´s raining down/
this armor summons problems in to the town/
postmortem examination/
increase the false ration."
Very interesting word choices and metaphors. It gets it's point/feeling across quite effectively. The only problem i have is some of the imagery, such as "Intoxicate it please!". it's cool, but I'm not sure what you're trying to say with it...I apoligize if it's a translational mistake .

Overall, very good, keep it up!
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Shock value is always good, as long as it's not like "Toddler Slaughterhouse" or "I Choked The Prom Queen's Blind Grandma" or whatever.
Thanks man. It´s hard to get replies to lyrics and pretty much everything else around here. And i realized that the part should be like this "intoxicate him please!"