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Dave Grohl
43 77%
Kurt Cobain
13 23%
Voters: 56.
Quote by tobysaurus
Who do you prefer?

in my oppinion Dave pwns Kurt in every aspect of life.

Well, Kurts dead so.........he obviously does 'pwn' him in every aspect of LIFE.

not to be a arse tho, i agree. I never liked Kurt.
Dave all the way, such a legend guy
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This is the smartest question ever posted in the pit. I commend you.

I asked about theory of reality and this is what someone said to me!
Voted Dave Grohl, reported versus thread.
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I think they're both musical geniuses with very different styles that can't be compared.

Songwriting terms = Equal and very different
Technical skills = Well neither is a better guitarist or vocalist (IMO) but since Dave plays drums too, I guess he wins.
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voted dave. if kurt were still alive and more prolific in his writing, then maybe things would be different. dave has just put out more great songs than kurt ever did
In terms of technical ability on guitar/singing I would say they are about the same.
Although I would say I prefer Kurt because I like his voice better. Just personal preferance I suppose.
I'm sure there was a thread the same as this a few days ago but oh well.
Dave has surpassed Kurt in my mind. theres just to much more stuff. but yeah if Kurt's dead theres an amount of nestalgia which will keep most people from ever saying anybody is better... and aren't VS. threads against the rules?
Quote by Lorenp

I'm sure there was a thread the same as this a few days ago but oh well.

There was I think like.
But I'd prefer to stick with both,
You can't really compare either of them as Kurt is dead & Dave is alive.
Same goes fo comparing Nirvana music to the Foo's music, completely different era's so that won't go down either.
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Needless to say, I lol'ed.

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Kurt pwned himself with a shotgun.
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Quote by pos69sum
i think even dave would agree that kurt was far superior as a songwriter.

I think Dave might have actually said something along those lines when he was on love line promoting the last album.
Both are great songwriters, but i think Dave wins because he is so consistent in his writing. The fact that Kurt always seemed so depressed isn't a good point for him either. So, Dave.

And to the post above me, Music Shouldn't be a competition.
I made this thread before, said thread got closed

no versus threads

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