Anybody ever actually bought anything off of them? I ordered a wah pedal recently and they at the very least have a unique way of dealing with it...

Anybody had any complete orders/problems with them?
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I ordered a firebird from them on a saturday and it came on the wednesday...I would've recommended them for the way they complete orders...was the wah you ordered in stock?
bought my cube 60 from thomann, worked great, not any problems at all.
Care to elaborate on what happened? I'm thinking of ordering a new guitar from them and if it's going to **** up, I'd rather be forewarned. Cheers.
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i know a guy that buys off thomann all the time with no problems at all. why do you ask anyway?
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Well basically the first time I ordered (my V847a wah) I did it wrong, so we canceled it. The second time we did it all okay, but it said on the website they'd get them in 2-5 days - they sent an SMS to my phone saying it was despatched which was consistent with the website saying it was in stock, but the order number they sent was different and they haven't emailed us about it yet... Another worrying thing is they don't show up the orders in the profile screen.

I'm sure it'll all be fine, it's just a tad worrying.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
Bought a few things off thomann. yeah, the way they deal with it does seem odd, but everything arrived. never had any problems.
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Thomann are good at sales, support is so so. I've got a Thomann brand seven string, asked about what strings they'd recommend as i felt the low B was a bit loose, they send me links to lap steel strings and baritone ( fair enough to this one but lap steel? ).

I've since sorted the problem - get this - the low B had a low E ( ! ) string on it - once I took it off I saw they matched. Even worse I think it was 9's that were on it so it was a thinner low E, and a hell of a loose low B.
Well I have bought a speaker from them and they did good.
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Awesome. So it looks like I'm just worrying about nothing!
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.