Hey guys this is my first song that I've really tried to tab out...It(to me) has a shadows fall+ All that remains feel to it...

give me anuy suggestions right now I only have an intro the chorus pre-verse verse done(the chorus and verse is done twice) I havnt got a bridge in there....what I am looking for though is gonna be a bridge where everything is slowed down big time then goes to a build up where the speed slowly builds up then a breakdown then a solo....i

I will take any suggestions. I will be updating it and reposting it...ify ou have suggestions and dont mind please go ahead and edit it and i will make the corrections to my tab and upload it...thanks

ALSO I need help writing a solo for it
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If you could export it as a gp4 and a midi file. to do that go to file, export, and choose midi then gp4. pm me or send me a profile comment when you've done that and i'll be glad to crit
woah. i like how its major yet minor at the same time, but thats a strange timing. kind of bugs me a little becuase i want to tap my foot or something but its really hard to do. but i'd like to hear a final product. the song seems abit random though.
Ok, I didn't understand those riffs. I think you should do more memorable riffs. Add more stuff too.

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