Please can somebody help me find the perfect "Oasis - wonderwall" tab please, its taking me ages to find a decent one, im new to guitars and this is going to be the 1st whole song i learn but i want a decent one, and one that is the easiest but the one that sounds the most like it.

Ive searched but i dont know which is the best and theres like 30 to choose from...

Link to the tabs - http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/search.php?s=wonderwall&w=songs


Okay, just seen a video on youtube, im a beginner, i havent got a prayer of doing that!

And! I play acoustic not electric...
try wonderful tonight by claptn cos its got some string bending in it and is a good introduction to that
UG has ratings and comments on tabs for a reason

Pretty sure there will be at least a couple of people that have correctly tabbed out 'Wonderwall'.
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