hi UG, i have been practicing sweeps for about 3 months now WITHOUT a metronome which is apparantly the complete wrong way to go about it. i need some info on how to practice sweeps with a metronome because i dont get what has been said in the other threads here. i can play 5,4 and 3 strings sweeps at a good speed but if i am to get faster i need to practice with a metronome right? so what i need basically is someone to tell me the correct technique to practicing sweep with a metronome (sorry bout wrong forum but in half an hour i didnt even have a view on this thread in the advanced tecniques forum)
thanks for the reply but i just need to be told when i should be hitting notes with the clicks etc
i could have guessed...how many notes should i be hitting per click at say 80bpm?
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On some metronomes (Like the guitar pro or fruity loops ones) you can go up to tempos of 500+, lol.

But yeah, you could try hitting twice per click (8th notes), three per click (triplet 8ths), or 4 per click (16ths). I didn't know it was that hard to use one even if you didn't know the names haha.

I guess i'm just dim, how can you hear that you are playing in time with the metronome though? i hear it click but im not sure how i would know how many notes i have played
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Whatever you are comfortable with? It's too vague of a question.

Start with what you can do perfectly (Even if it's whole notes at 40BPM) and work your way up. Just play it maybe ten times at that tempo and move the BPM up in increments of 1 or 2. The higher you go, the more you will probably have to practice on that tempo.

If you do that for 15 minutes a day it will become easy to play well in a while. Just be patient.

Thanks for the advice i am a patient player and understand the importance of learning things slow first i am just having trouble knowing how many notes i have hit when the metronome beeps.

Any Ideas???
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