im going to buy a new valve amp, ive tried out the fender hot rod deluxe and it was amazing. i mainly play metal but i want a good clean sound. ive also heard the peavey classic 30 is very good amp and likewise for the orange tiny terror although i havent tried the orange tt or the peavey classic 30. will the tiny terror be loud enough for gigs? are there any other valve amps in that price range?
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I say Classic 30 if you like cleans


If you're in America I would recommend a Crate Palomino V32 and EHX Metal Muff over either of those.

EDIT: Damn, you aren't
i'd go for orange
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Hot Rod Delux is a nice amp. Not exactly suitable for metal, although I've gotten decent metal sounds out of Fender amps before with an EQ pedal and a Dist pedal. If you play 90% metal, then you should pass on this.

Despite the love a lot of people have for Orange amps, I don't like them. Tiny Terrors do live up to their name though. I can't say you'd get a good clean out of them at gig volume though.

Peavey 30 is a great amp, nice cleans, nice crunch, not exactly metal though either. Might be a little better looking at a Classic 50 if you want good cleans at gig volume though.

Honestly none of those three are really suited for Metal though. Like someone else mentioned, have a look at Laney.
when you say you want a nice clean, you mean in addition to a nice metal distortion, right?
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Well I dunno if it's gonna be PRIMARILY your metal amp, but check out a Hot Rod Deluxe with a metal muff thrown infront of it.

Yes, Yes.

You are right about the cleans too. Unbeatable. Great over-drive channels too. Sexy reverb as well. What more could you want in an amp?