I'm getting this amp for $250 used at Music-Go-Round. Right now all i have is a Kustom tube 12 practice amp. A big ass tube amp is out of my budget so dont tell me get a marshall stack, but im just wondering if this is a decent amp for practicing and eventualy small venue gigging? i have an epihpone les paul special II with emg 81 85 pickups and an RP150 effects procesor
my guitar teacher has one and the gane is ace really clear and crisp clean is also good
i just bought a peavy valveking 112, only 50 watts, but all tube, kicks ass

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Peavey Bandits are great sounding and reliable. Next best thing to tubes. You could however get a Crate Palomino 5 watt combo which would be almost as loud or louder and sound better. Depends on your needs. I use an old 1984 Peavey Backstage Plus (35 watts very loud SOB) for practice and I am very happy with it, but I also have a tube amp. If I could only have one I would pick tubes.
I would try to get the price down on the Bandit. $220 would be better, depending on how old it is. And try it out extensively first.
ive got a Revoloution 112, its absoloutly awsome.
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they are great! great clean sound, not that great distorsion though, altough it's still good. Insanely loud too

but I would still recommend buying a small tube combo instead. it's worth it
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