I'm looking for something that will get me as close to the early David Gilmour sound as possible, I plan on getting THD Yellow Jackets and a good fuzz pedal (the big muff isn't raw and fuzzy enough for the 60s psychedelic sound) with it. As you can see in my sig I also have a delay pedal that is definitely up to the task. I've been looking at the cp 50s strat which plays nicely but its pick ups sound a tad thin, the cp 60s strat which doesn't play as nicely but has amazing sounding pick ups. I also looked on gilmourish.com and he suggested the classic series 70s strat. I don't know what to do.

I don't plan on getting his exact tone as I also like the fuzz tones of Dead Meadow, Jimi Hendrix and John Frusciante quite a bit too.
If you want David Gilmour, I'd go strat with EMG single coils like he did, but if you want versatility just a strat with various pickup cobinations see which you like best
Well as that site i linked you to said, they're stock Fender pups from the 60's to 70's
So any alder reissue strat should put you on the right road
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I've already looked at that site...as I mentioned in my first post.

Then you should have no problem...
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Well he isn't david gilmour so I'm not going to rely his opinion alone. Thats why I'm asking around here. His site helped me see that the cp 50s strat...even though it plays very well wasn't for me. Now its either the 60s or the 70s strat.
I recall hearing some information about Gilmour and pickups, he said somethign abotu favouring the tone of one type of pickup but going with EMGs cos they have. . I totally forget now >_<
But yeah, if you're looking for old gimour then EMGs wont do.
I'd go for a CP 50s Strat in black with a maple neck. Whip off that white pickguard, get a black one, and replace the pickups with some early 60s type sounding ones, or overwound 50s style ones.

Instant Gilmour.
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They don't make the 50s in black. Also changing the pick ups isn't an option if I'm spending $800 on the guitar as the pick ups are $210
Is the classic any good though? I heard they're just slightly better than a standard mexican strat.
I don't know who's told you there only just better than a standard mexican, there more like MIJ quality. I have one of them, blew my freinds HSS strat out of the water tone and qualitywise.

Try one out if you can, there far better than the standard strats.
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^i've tried the CP '50s so many times and didn't have one moment that i didn't like it. it's awesome.

i'm planning on getting an MIJ. that should be awesome too.
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The 70’s Classic is best suited for David’s earliest guitars from 1968-1974. It’s available with both maple (Pompeii) and rosewood (KQED sessions) necks.
The 50’s Classic is best suited for David’s Black Stratocatser from 1974-1984/2006.
- see pickup recommendations below.

The 70’s Classic has a slightly bigger body and a transparent maple C-shaped neck with the large headstock (also available in rosewood). You’ll fall in love the moment you pick up this guitar. It’s a true replica of the ones David used in the early days and on Live at Pompeii. The pickups has a distinct warm, bluesy 70’s sound with great dynamics. Perfect for the Pompeii era, Dark Side, WYWH and PULSE.

Choice of pickups is a matter of taste. David’s black and white Strats from Pompeii were all stock Fender/CBS 67-71 models with late 60’s era pickups. These are now reincarnated in the new 70’s reissue. If you want a bit more bite, check out Fender’s Custom ‘69 pickups.
Since ‘85, David has been using EMG active pickups with boost control. They’re essential to his 80’s and 90’s sound, sounding a bit like humbuckers with the bright edge of single-coils. EMG is offering a David Gilmour custom set, the DG-20. I strongly suggest that you try these before buying and decide which period you prefer. The EMG’s are not very versatile and it can be hard getting the full authentic 70’s sound. Read more here.
I would stay away from the ‘57 reissue model from Fender. The pickups (’57-’62 era) are a bit too boomy. As goes for the ‘62 reissue. The Classic 50’s reissue is a better choice.
Gilmour has also used DiMarzio pickups, like the FS-1 bridge pickup on his black Strat in 1977-’78) and Seymour Duncan, which many use to fatten up their Telecaster.

all taken directly from http://www.gilmourish.com/, features
I want the same type of guitar for the same sound so i'm saving the $670 for it.