Can u guys review my song Deathly be thy face

u may need to turn it up it's really quiet on myspace for some reason, the quality not great because i compressed it a lot

just tell me wot u think, wot needs improving etc.

and leave me a link so i can crit ur stuff

Well one thing I noticed right away is that the bass is too loud. It (the bass) sounds really muddy when the distorted guitar comes in. I couldn't finish listening to it because the internet is the absolute worst in the world here at Longwood and it wouldn't load. If I can get it to load sometime soon I'll come back and finish criting.
oh cool i like it.

i would just play with the effects a little more.

and a yamaha erg 121 was my very first guitar
tweaked it slighly again, this is the final version im sick of trying to fix it

have a listen people and leave a comment im happy to crit ur stuff

one question tho to anyone willing to answer, do the screams sound ok? I wanted a roger waters style scream, not an exact replica but i felt that was the sort of scream that would compliment the song.
I listened to the version on your last link. It still sounds a little muddy, the bass itself especially. I think it gets silent for a little too long, it seemed to kind of get lost but that build up was niiiice. Nice song though, it was interesting I liked it.
I listened to the last link too. It sounded really interesting in the begnning but it just kinda wore off through out the 8 minutes. Maybe you can try cutting down to 6 mins. Like "Ilike guitars" said, it just stays silent and does nothing a lot of the time. The end was really interesting too. The screams were cool. I liked them, they're really different. The recording could've been a little better, espcially at the start of the song. Theres a lof ot backgroud noise. If you have audacity, you can reduce that easily. BTW, do you have a drummer? You were going off timing at a few places. Especially while playing that riff when you scream.

I found it really interesting tho. I wouldn't really sit through a 8 minute song. But yours made it. . You could've added somemore stuff but thats upto you. And I also loved those effects in the middle. Really added to the song. The bass was alright on my speakers (Which aren't really great, btw). And who sang the last line of the song? That sounded much better than the vocals in the rest of the song. They sounded a bit off at places.

Overall, a really good effort. Just needs a bit of brushing up...
i did all of it

i wish i had a drummer, i just use some crappy drum software and i took a different aproacj this time by making the drums last so i recorded everything to a metronome, thats why i went off time in a few places

glad it can hold ur interest for 8 mins even tho it only just manages to

as too the bass, it's muddy becasue i have to use my guitar and then lower it by an octave using my software, thats pretty much the best tone i can get out of it this version is also highly compressed, it's like 3.5 mb for 8 mins of song

i dunno i don't really wanna cut it down, im kinda loving the fact it's so long haha

anyway thanks for teh crits guys
Wow, thats really good for a one man show. Which software did you use to do the drums? I made a few recording on my own and I used fruity loops which is really easy and convinient, if you didnt already know. .. And, your welcome.
i use a line 6 toneport to record so i ogt the free ableton demo with it, it has a small midi drum kit which u can make basic sorta drums with
First off it is too long for me. I lost interest when it went silent but kept listening. I would mention the bass but since you said you don't have a bass and that is the best you can do with your guitar there isn't a point to crit it. Other than that, I liked the effects and your screams fit the song well. Someone else mentioned the timing issues. Overall not a bad job dude.
Alright, I'll head this off with a "I'm not a big fan of ambient music," and this song is reeeeallly slow, and makes me think of ambient stuffs.

Anyway, the biggest impression I'm getting (I'm about 6:30 into the song) is that the song is more like three songs recorded together. The long pauses really feel like those two second pauses most cds have between songs. I am enjoying the part around 7 minutes a bit, I would have liked to hear something like that pop up earlier in the song, maybe repeat, and then when it comes up again later in the song, really go for it (this would help. What really got me earlier in the song was it seemed like you were building up alot of tension for something...and then it just went back to the really quiet stuff again (around 1:30)...in my opinion you really could have either kept building after the solo, or changed time signatures/tempos at that point. Overall, the song is decent, but not something I would listen often.
(If it helps, the prog rock I tend to listen to on a semi-regular basis is like Camel, Yes, Genesis and the like...not much space rock.)
i see wot u mean about the tension bit and originally the song had the quiter part earlier and it sorta build up until i reached that little riff that sloly gets louder except it didnt have screaming it had a choir but i dunno, i kinda liked having that quite bit in there, it makes the song less predictable, more eerie and i like it more, mayeb im crazy... most likely