Yeah, i was thinking of buying a Schecter C1 today and i was wondering how to say it...
I don't want to like like a retard asking for one at the guitar store so i was wondering if anyone could help me out?

Like this "Fender = Fen-Dur"

Also, what are your thought's on the guitar?
Would you get a Stratocaster over it?
Cause i'm either getting a strat or that.
Sheck-ter see-one.

PinkEdit: ^Lol see I was right

And what's your style of music? The Schecter is a metal/hard rock guitar, while the Strat is better for classic rock/blues/country/just about everything that doesn't need lots of gain.
Well it would, actually. It's just that the neck pickup on a Strat would do it better. Both guitars are insanely versatile, but the Schecter does metal better whereas the Strat does cleans better.

And what kind of amp do you have?
Umm, a drive cd-200.
It's HORRIBLE, from what i've heard.
I might be thinking of getting a new amp too though.
Does it make a big difference?