Post ur favorite settings on the microcube here. The only rule is that u have to post ur settings if u wanna post, u cant just comment. mine is:

Classic Stack
Gain - 6.5 - 7.5
tone - around the middle
Reverb or delay at 10%
Maybe a tiny bit of chorus.
Tone all the way up
Gain to 11
Volume to 11
maybe teensy bit of reverb
i have to admit i barely use my microcube now-a-days
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The only rule is that u have to post ur settings if u wanna post, u cant just comment.

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dont die thread, dont die!

Oh,the irony
when I shred, Rectifier setting/tone on 11/ gain on 11/ delay %90/ little bit of chorus

acoustic tone 11/ chorus %60/ reverb at half way

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dont die thread, dont die!

you just broke your own rule

rectifier setting with chorus

(dont even have one, i just dont wanna break the rules)
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You know... I had to GOOGLE this thread. And i am suprised. UG loves the MICRO CUBE so much, but there isnt really a thread dedicated to getting familiar tones out of this awesome practice amp. It is so versatile. IM REVIVING THIS DAMMIT.

I use this to play Black Sabbath stuff.

Tone at 10 o Clock.
Gain at about 2-3 o clock

and volume at what ever. Of course louder is better :P
Any tips of getting more of a crunch type of distortion on the r-fier setting?

I can get some really great clean tones out of this amp but am having a hard getting the distorion to my liking.
I play alot of metal and the r-fier sounds the best for metal thats why i use it, i might try and play around with the classic stack abit more then if you say so, but i couldnt really get the classic stack to my liking.
found a really cool and crunchy sound:

Brit Combo
Delay/Reverb-Half way
no EFX
Volume whatever you want but i usually use around a quarter.
I love this...which I have just discovered.
Somewhat similar to jamezybee's setting...but with less treble...here goes...

Amp Type: Brit Combo
Efx: Off
Delay: 9 (12'clock)
Gain: 8 (3'o clock)
Volume: 5 (12'o clock)
Tone: 2 (9'o clock)
Master: according to people around you
Unfortunately I "lent" my Micro Cube to my sister who started playing guitar a few years back and never got it back.  It was a fun little amp for screwing around. Don't remember my settings though.