Vintage, green, sovtek Big Muff PI for sale. Its in excellent condition, sounds great on guitar or bass.

Does have the battery cover and the rubber screw on feet. There is velcro on the bottom so it will stay on my pedal board.

This thing is fantastic, very classic tone to it and I hate letting it go but my amp now handles my distortion and I need the room on my board for a reverb or delay pedal.

Asking $160 plus shipping in the continental US only. I'm in the Bootheel of Missouri (63857) if you want to figure out shipping costs.

These are going for $180 to $200 on the "Buy it now" on Ebay.

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God I want that so much
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Needs to be that big to hold all that tone

Has gain for miles too!

For bass I specially like the tone control too bad I need the room!
sorry Jim, I don't see anything I could use, I appreciate the offer though