If it's your first guitar, then yes.

If you're looking for an upgrade from just about ANYTHING else, then no.

It's a starter guitar, plain and simple. For a beginner, it's as good as any other beginner instrument. Wood species, pickup / electronics quality, etc is rather moot. As long as the guitar is playable and stays in tune, then it's suitable for a beginner.
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Quote by 12joey.c12
Ive been wondering, is this a decent guitar - why and why not??

I'd recommend against it. I'd go for a Viper 50, MH-50NT, or an H-51 instead. The Floyd Rose licensed means two things: 1: You'll have to learn to maintain a complicated system that even confounds the professionals, and 2: This system is delicate. Go for a fixed bridge and not worry about divebombing and tuning. An added plus is the MH and H both have higher quality pickups (they do sound good for a practice guitar...agathis is basically mahogany light in tone and weight...I own an H-51 personally), while the Viper and H are $40 less expensive.