Hey everyone, I am relavitely new to the acoustic scene, I don't own an acoustic yet, but I am planning on buying one, and thats what I need help with.

I have been playing guitar (electric) for about a year and a half now, and currently, I am living in France. I didn't bring my electric because it really is crap, and I don't want to buy an electric here, because the plugs are different in France, and buying an amp for one year would be too expensive. So there is this awesome guitar shop in town, and when I talked to the guy and told him I wanted to buy an acoustic, he reccomended a Godin acoustic. In case you don't know, Godins are Canadian made, with Canadian wood. So right now, I am choosing between the Art & Lutherie and the Simon & Patric models. I want to get a dreadnought model, but I need to know if the guitars are quality or not.

Personaly I like the Simon & Patrick better, it has a warmer, fuller sound. It costs 399€ (about $600) and the Art & Lutherie is 295€ ($400)

If you want to check them out, go here:


Those are a lot more expensive than you'd pay in the States .. or Canada, for that matter. Regardless, Godin made guitars are very high quality for the price. The third brand they make is Seagull, which is the one I prefer. Which specific models were you looking at?
I don't know the models actually, but I'm pretty sure the Art & Lutherie was a Wild Cherry 6 string dreadnought,a nd the Simon & Patrick is a Vintageburst Cedar HG I think. Yeah, they had some Seagulls, they played amazing and I liked them the best, but I just cant afford it ( it was 536&euro
I kind of agree that they are a bit more expensive then you might be able to get them for in the US or in Canada....do you have anyone would might be able to ship one to you? I know shipping is expensive, but you're looking at $100 more or so then you would pay here.

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Well, yeah, I mean, I could just get one off of musiciansfriend and be done with it, but how much cheaper will it be really with shipping? Am I wrong? Something as big as a guitar will be expensive.
Well, thats a good thought, but I don't want an acoustic electric though. They do have the Seagull S6 on there for cheap, I guess the whole reason I wanted to buy it here is because I could play them, and if you play a guitar you like and can buy, why risk going online for the same thing? You know what I mean, but yeah, this seems cheaper. Good idea
problem, They don't ship them internationally, still, I could find a way around it.
Do you have any family members who could give you a hand? Or any friends that you could ship the guitar to? and have them parcel post it over.

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
ok, so to buy a seagull S6 on musicians friend, and have it shipped to France is about $600, so is it worth it, or do I go with the Simon & Patrick?