Between these two Ibanez guitars which is better?

ok guitar 1 -- Ibanez RG321MH Electric Guitar - 467 USD

guitar 2 -- Ibanez GRG-170DX Electric Guitar - 313USD

The thing is i'm getting the RG321, secondhand for the price of 313 USD and it is in good condition.

Now I'm confused whether to buy RG or the GRG.
The GRG has a tremolo and looks cooler with its sharktooth inlay, but the RG has better pickups.

By the way can I add a tremolo to the RG? Coz if I can i'll buy the RG.

so can i add a tremolo to 321? is a tremolo an important part that u need to play metal.... or just bending the strings will suffice?
No, you cant and shouldnt attempt to add a tremolo to the RG321. It will cost an excess of £200 ($400) to install.

No, trems are not neccessary in playing metal, Zakk wlyde doesnt need one, neither does James hetfield.
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However I've seen used RG570s go for the same price as a rg321. And those are far better guitars.

Funnily enough, I have both of them guitars, and yes, the 570 kicks the **** out of the 321 (imo), but you'll have to get it used.

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I dont own either but ive played a few....please get the RG...... but yea check out the other RG models ibanez has a wide variety of versions, find one with the exact setup you want and the right feel and then get it. Now you might have to pay more for it, but its up to you determine how much more $$ is worth it
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I got my RG520QS for $300 used. It's got a few dings but none on the front.