hi guys. I've set up a practice schedule for myself today. Kept changing it recently but i think im gonna stick with this fer sometime. So yea was hoping that u guys can comment on it and tell me whether im on the right track.

1) Warmup exercises

2) Left and right hand practice

3) Scale practice(learning 1 box at a time till im able to play it at 130 bpm)

4) Alternate picking practice

5) Tapping

6) Sweep picking

7) learn new solo/song/riff

How long i practice depends on how much time i have. Average around 4 hours per day.. since im having holidays now.

really appreciate it if u guys can give me some feedback!

thanks alot
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Seems good, don't forget to take little breaks of course.
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dont forget to enjoy yourself

yeah, i fell in to that trap before, make sure you enjoy yourself.
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dont forget to enjoy yourself

the most important one

but practicing all of that, once you feel less need, it's really fulfilling playing really nice sessions. im struggling with sweep picking, but i think it'd be really fun to know how to do right.
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It's a very good schedule.. if you can stick with it. My suggestion is that you make a less demanding schedule that you sure can keep up with.
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1) Warmup exercises

you could move the "learn new riffs/songs/solo" here also. some cool riff might be a good warmup - plus you'll learn it better
but hey....that's just me
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you can merge some of it together like you get the left and right hand practice while you are learning scales and sweeping things like that
yeah, just remember to keep things realistic, i tried having a schedule like this once, it worked for awhile, but it didnt suit me, but if you have enough time for this and are willing to commit, go for it.
Im not into Guitar Schedules..Just play what you feel like playing, if you feel like tapping, tap for a while... if you feel like improving at sweeps...SWEEP! But its just my opinion, but i could see that schedules help in that you get everything down at one sitting..
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you can change it around a bit if you want, like for me, im focused on learning to sweep, and im getting better, everything else is on the backburner cause thats what i really want to improve on. But all in all, it seems good.
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When you say warm-up exercises, do you mean muscle stretching or actually playing? maybe you should stretch up properly before proceeding with your scheduled exercises.

maybe you can also skip those sections that you can already execute without much effort, and just concentrate on those that you think you need work on. IMHO, of course.

but, kudos to you anyhow for having such a structured schedule. keep it up!
Yeah enjoying it is the main part. You don't want to burn out. Besides, music is about art. So enjoy the art!
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