ok, so, i got guitar pro five.

i tried starting it, it said i needed file "Mxmidi.dll". i downloaded that file, and it worked.

then it said i needed "fmodex.dll", i did not download that.

does anybody know where i can get it, or how to get around this issue. it keeps saying "application failed to start because the file "fmodex.dll" was not found"

you probably didn't download a proper installer for gp5. where did you get it?
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where did u get ur version from because i think its cracked, i kno because i live in pakistan and i have experiance with cracked games.Similiar errors occur wen cracking,i think u would need to download it from sumwere else,sumwere more reliable
I suggest you go to the Guitar Pro official site. There you can find more information about the software, download the trial, and find troubleshooting...
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^ Information on how to pirate it and get it to work?
Don't think so.

TS, either learn to download properly (never post about it here), or go out and buy it.