Is anyone else addicted to chili? seriously I add it too most meals. A bit of tobasco sauce and chili seeds/flakes always brings the best out of a meal. The only problem is when I cook most people seem to complain. I also love jalapeño and picante peppers.

Anyway all hail the almighty chili pepper What's your favourite meal to chilify?
Chili con carne all the way. But any meat or tomato based meal needs to be spiced up.
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not addicted but it is delicious

i'm a sucker for chili-dogs and chili con carne
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I used to eat chili like constantly but got tired of it. So many easy meals can be made out of it, just throw in a slew of veggies, or pasta, or whatever. Throw in some nacho cheese for nacho dip. etc etc.
I like spicy food.

I just don't eat them on a daily basis because I don't like the burning sensation on my anus whenever I defecate.
Whenever I eat some sort of noodles or pasta, I always have to add either hot sauce or chili flakes. It just tastes so much better when your food is spicy!

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subway = ham and cheese. bring it home, and put habaneros on it. no joke.
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I like tAbasco sauce rather than tObasco.
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im not at all addicted to chili, dont hardly ever eat it.

but im hardcore addicted to ranch, i put it on absolutely everything. i put it on chicked fried steak, mashed potatoes, hamburgers, mac n cheese, any kind of pasta, pizza, sandwiches, tacos, burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, everything. lol kinda weird huh
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one day im gonna marry a mexican woman, jsut for the chilli =)

i love that stuff, im not addicted because my mom doenst know how to make it, and i dont cook, beither dus me dad or brothah, so its all up to my mexican wife XD