Hi, some friends of mine and I are planning on playing at the school talent show, however, we are having a tough time choosing the right song to play. Personally, I prefer Metal, however, I do not believe that may people will appreciate it. My friend was thinking of nothing else matters, which i can already play, but would this song be to simple or easy and not impress anyone? Can anyone suggest a good song to play for a large enough audience? I am also into classic rock(ACDC, guns n roses, etc.) but will consider any genre of music. Thanks.
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Don't do metal, everyone will hate it, seriously.

Maybe a popish classic rock song, like Sweet Child of Mine, November Rain, or like you said some AC/DC.

If you want to be badass, play Pink Floyd.
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I believe ''Start Me Up!'' from the Rolling Stones would go down well with the crowd. If they don't like good Rock'n'Roll, I don't know what's gonna work out then..
In my opinion, dont give a sh*t what tose eletist parents think, play whatever the hell you want, and if they dont like it , then f*ck em.
is this one of those talent shows were its mostly just parents? if so, i would go with something older like pink floyd, ac/dc or the stones. if this is one that your peers might be at, then play something that you enjoy. A band in my schools talent show played war pigs from black sabbath and a song i dont know the name to. (it goes "come togethor, right now, over me") no matter what you play, they will be impressed by the fact that you had the courage to get up infront of them and perform.
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**** it play metal just to piss'em off

DESPERATE CRY!!! Sepultura hella
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it goes "come togethor, right now, over me")

Come Together by the Beatles! Some Beatles might not actually be a bad idea- you like heavy stuff so... maybe Helter Skelter or I Want You (She's So Heavy) would be cool? Both for the parents and for the heaviness you could put into them.
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well, from what I've heard, this "talent show" is more of an informal thing where students perform whatever they wish(ie: sing, guitar, dance, etc.). As well, I hear that the majority of the audience are peers rather than parents. Does anyone think if Nothing Else Matters would be a good song, I realy like playing it, however, I feel that we may not impress many people compared to the other bands playing there.
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Play Foul Body Autopsy by Necrophagist...

You'll become your school's new god!!! or devil... or whatever...!!
if you like metal, play metal.

if you wanna win, play some alternative or some classic band like Rush/Aerosmith or something to butter the judges up.

no one appreciates metal =/
If you wanna impress chicks, play Radiohead....
Dashboard Confessionals will work on the emo chicks too...
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**** it play metal just to piss'em off

DESPERATE CRY!!! Sepultura hella


Seriously, play what you want. You at least get a chance to play to the school.
Last year my band was going for to play for the school's battle of the bands and we played Death's Crystal Mountain for the audition. Although we had a lot fewer mistakes than the other bands and we preformed it quite well we didn't get in. But you have a chance to play whatever you want to the school...go for it!
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Play "I Cum Blood"...im sorry i had to say it, but really play like Thunderstruck or Rock you Like a Hurricane, something the crowd will start singing lol
Sorry to sound gay lol but Thanks For The Memories by Fall Out Boy is a huge hit at schools.
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My band played Money by Pink Floyd last year and the audience went nuts. We did foxy lady the year before and had a reaction that was just as good.