Hey Everyone!

We are a metal band from India and we made our first recording of our own composition. Its totally instrumental.
Thats our band profile..

Please gimme your comments or suggestions. Thanks a lot! and BTW, I promise to crit your stuff if you crit ours. And I am the bassisst in the band.. so some thoughts bout the bassing would be nice too..
You guys are indian? ****in rite!
I'm also a metallier from iran, long live asians!
I like your song, youve got some good lead guitar parts and the bassing is pretty good. What technique do you use for plucking the strings? Do you use a pick, or your fingers?
Cool stuff. However, you should try and keep away from being too generic, as it sounds similar to some songs i have heard before.

Its good music though, which gives you a head start on many bands that are around today.

My solo death metal project, i recorded drums, bass and guitars.
Heh! Asians ftw! Thanks a lot for the comments! And I use my fingers to pluck the bass strings. I just put a little sharper tone than usual. I like it that way. And yeah, you're right bout being generic. We just started off as a band and just wanted to know how we sounded together. So, soon we'll start making original stuff! Thanks again!