whats up, guys. i am getting ready to attempt on of my first bigger mods, which involves dropping a P90 in the bridge, a RWRP P90 in the middle, and a humbucker in the neck of my strat. instead of just hooking these up to my 5 way switch, i am wanting to hook the neck and the bridge pickup in parallel, switchable with a gibson-style 3-way switch. for the middle pup, i want to have it wired in series with just a volume control, kind of like in a firebird. i have never tried to draw or read a schematic before, and i think i am close. does this look doable? what value capacitor and pots would work best? am i forgetting anything? any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. please go easy on me, as i have no electronics background or practice whatsoever.

here is my schem: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c274/kwcreed/guitarschem.jpg
Please? i am waiting to put my order in until i know what pots to buy. waiting for reply
the schem is kinda hard to understand, but you can use A250K or A500K pots for tones and B250K or B500K pots for volumes (doesn't matter if it's A or B, but that's the common way of doing it). and .01, .02, or .022 uF caps. Which pots are volumes and which are tones?

EDIT: this was hard to figure out, but is this what you want?
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oh my jesus, thank you guys so much. total lifesaver. i really appreciate drawing up more of a working model for me, jim. it definitely looks like whawt i am going after and your diagram will be pretty easy to follow as i go. as far as my choice to put a humbucker in the neck and p90s in the other slots: that guitar currently has all stock pickups except for a hotrails in the neck (i love neck hb tone, i dont know why. weird, i know) but the rails were too hot and muddy and the stock pups were too thin. so, i am ordering a hb that is alot more mellow than my rails, and the p90s should add tons of bite in the other 2 spots. i know that this isn't a typical setup by any means, but it should work for what i am going after. if anyone wants to hear some sound clips, i can upload some when i am done. thanks again
invader jim's. urs i dont know it depends on how you ground ur signal on the control pots. also, urs have the middle pickup in parallel to everything... iono. i like it in series haha.
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