How can I set up my tremolo (I have a strat with a 2-point synchronized tremolo) so that it doesn't go out of tune when I use it? Right now, even the slightest of dips sends my strat out of tune, and I'm using 11 gauge strings.

I saw Eric Johnson doing absolute Divebombs with his strats trem on his Austin City Limits DVD, so there must be a way...
Anyone know the way?

oh well...

I suppose I'll just go get my guitar set-up, I've been messing with it a lot lately, maybe that has something to do with it...
Sounds like you might need some more springs or need to adjust the tension bar. Did the guitar have lighter strings on before you put on the 11's? Did you stretch them out real good when you changed them? If you didn't, take care of that first.
More springs is not the answer. As long as you've got equal tension between the strings and springs, you don't need to add anything else, you just need to properly balance them between the treble and bass strings. Also, there are other crucial areas to address first. 2-3 wraps around the tuning peg, tops. If you've got a string tree on the D/G strings, remove that. If the string tree on the B/E strings is tight to the headstock, put a spacer on it so the angle of those strings matches the D/G (without the string tree if there is one there). Graphite in the nut slots as well. That should get you started.
First, STRETCH THE STRINGS! I can't stress that enough for tremolo tuning stability. Second, since you have a Strat, you may want to invest in a Fender Roller Nut and Locking Tuners. I put them on my Strat and it stays in tune great.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
I will stress again that balancing the springs properly against the different tensions between the treble and bass strings is very important. The bridge will actually move at different rates, even to the point of twisting, if you don't do this. Also, setting up the trem to float even just a little bit helps. In my experience, trying to use the trem when the bridge is set flat against the body is asking for tuning problems because the bridge always seems to come back into contact with the body at different rates. I would try this long before trying a new nut...I'm betting that the roller nut without checking into any of the other factors will only get you about 15% there.
Yeah, I tried changing the springs in the back to balance out the treble and bass sides. It worked amazingly for about an hour, then returned to the same problems... what happened?
I think I'm just going to go the my local music shop and get my guitar re-setup. I made the problem a lot worse in trying to fix it by myself, and caused other problems too.