Couldn't find a forum about the same thing so i'll put it here...

I've just finished my A-Levels and thinking about going on to study compostion(or something that includes compostition) at university next year or if not the year after. I want to know if there is anyone here who has a good knowledge of which universities/music colleges(preferebly in the U.K) provide the best courses for this sort of thing. I'm aware that Leeds is supposed to be the best for music in the U.K, but that it's pretty hard to get into Leeds.
The reason why i didn't aplly for this year is because i need to get grade 7 or above with an instrument in order to get in to most places. Thats why i'm taking a year out this year, in order to reach grade 8 at guitar and to save up some money!

Can anyone help or give me any advise on where to ask about this sort of thing.

P.S: I only want people to answer who have had some sort of experience, not idiots.